The Animal Health Trust is a world renowned research charity that also has a superb veterinary hospital referral centre. In particular, we refer many complicated neurological and ophthamlmology cases to the AHT.
Davies Veterinary Specialists is a long established and excellent veterinary practice that takes referrals in many areas of veterinary practice.
We are happy to recommend Essex and Suffolk Dog Training for their training classes and their one to one behavioural advice. Their web site can be found here.
We are often asked for information on taking pets abroad. All the information you need on the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) can be found here.
From time to time, we find it necessary to refer cases to specialist veterinary practices nearby. Some animals may have a problem that requires investigation using equipment that we do not have; equipment like an MRI scanner for example. Others may require a surgical procedure that would only normally be undertaken by a specialist in veterinary surgery. The following links are to web sites of some of the Specialist veterinary veferral practices that we use:

We refer complicated bone, joint and spinal cases to Christchurch Veterinary Practice in Ipswich. This is a small animal first opinion and referral practice.

The VRCC is a highly specialised veterinary Practice with superb facilities for investigating complex medical conditions and treating many types of cancer.
Roughly one vet in ten working in the UK today was taught surgery by Dick White. He is a very experienced specialist in veterinary surgery and he established this referral practice in 2003.
There are a number of sites available on the internet dedicated to certain diseases. We have provided a link to three such sites which we think are particularly useful.
The Drug company Dechra has produced this useful site on Canine Cushings Syndrome. It contains all the information you should need to know on this condition.
Dechra also have developped this site on Feline Hyperthyroid disease. It is again, a useful resource for information on this common condition of older cats.
This site is very detailed and has a great deal of useful information on canine epilepsy.
Pro-Active Paws dog boots have been recommended by a number of our clients. Their web site can be found here.